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Command reference

Allow TNT

We use http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/antitnt and http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-mods/naughty-blocks which means we can have TNT enabled but then only provide users access via the permissions AntiTNT.tnt and naughtyblocks.tnt

Essentials and WorldGuard don't. If you are using Essentials and WorldGuard do this:

vim plugins/Essentials/config.yml

10 = lava :: 11 = still lava :: 46 = TNT :: 327 = lava bucket


    on-placement: 10,11,46,327
    on-use: 327

placement: 10,11,46,327

Remove 46 from the placement line.

Ensure plugins/WorldGuard/config.yml has the following:

    block-tnt: false
    block-tnt-block-damage: false

Find players home

To view all homes a player has set:

/home Player:

To go to a player's set home.

/home Player:Home

Get user's coordinates

If you have Essentials, use /getpos PlayerName

Kill specific mob/s

/killall MobName (e.g. Blaze)

Mail players

/mail send FullPlayerName Message

To read the mail, do /mail read
To clear the mail, do /mail clear

Multiple homes

If you have the following permissions:

essentials.home.bed > Allow access to the vanilla bed home.
essentials.sethome.multiple > Allows player to have multiple homes, or create named homes. Required for 2+ homes.
essentials.sethome.bed > Allows the player to right click a bed during daytime to update their 'bed' home.

You will only see the list of homes you have using /home if you have more than two homes set, including the default bed (/home bed) and the first one you set using /sethome

Respawn at home instead of spawn

Change this:

When users die, should they respawn at their first home or bed, instead of the spawnpoint?

respawn-at-home: false


respawn-at-home: true

Set players home

The player can either sleep in a bed or use /sethome if they have access.

If not set, they will go back to spawn.

Set 2+ homes by doing:

/sethome Name

For example:

/sethome HOME3
/sethome Joe:HOME3

Set players spawn

If you have a few spawn plugins, and all go to the same spawn except when new players first join, try to do this:

/setspawn *default


Stop checking user's permissions

If you get the following message a lot in your server.log:

Essentials: checking if Player has plugin.permission - true/false

vim plugins/Essentials/config.yml

Set debug: to false.

Teleport player to you

/tpohere playername

Teleport to coordinates

/tppos x y z

Teleport to player

As OP, /tpo playername

As player, /tpa playername

Updating Essentials

mkdir /root/scripts/testing/ess-core
mkdir /root/scripts/testing/ess-extra
cd /root/scripts/testing/ess-core

Latest (as of 08/07/2013):

wget http://dev.bukkit.org/media/files/711/777/Essentials.zip
unzip Essentials.zip
rm Essentials.zip
cd /root/scripts/testing/ess-extra

Latest (as of 08/07/2013):

wget http://dev.bukkit.org/media/files/711/776/Essentials-extra.zip
unzip Essentials-extra.zip
rm Essentials-extra.zip

Stop the server.

Make backups:

mkdir /root/backups/essentialsBackup/
cd /home/mc/Minecraft/plugins/

Either copy or move the files/folders:

cp -v Essentials/ EssentialsAntiBuild.jar EssentialsChat.jar Essentials.jar EssentialsGeoIP.jar EssentialsProtect.jar /root/backups/essentialsBackup/ -R

mv -v Essentials/ EssentialsAntiBuild.jar EssentialsChat.jar Essentials.jar EssentialsGeoIP.jar EssentialsProtect.jar /root/backups/essentialsBackup/

Copy the new version of the files into place:

Essentials Core:

cd /root/scripts/testing/ess-core
cp -v EssentialsAntiBuild.jar EssentialsChat.jar Essentials.jar EssentialsProtect.jar /home/mc/Minecraft/plugins -R

Essentials Extras:

cd /root/scripts/testing/ess-extra
cp -v EssentialsGeoIP.jar EssentialsXMPP.jar /home/mc/Minecraft/plugins -R

Remove the temporary directories:

rm /root/scripts/testing/ess-core -R ; rm /root/scripts/testing/ess-extra -R ; cd /root/backups ; rm essentialsBackup -R

Start the server.