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If you add permissions to MCMA that has an apostrophe in it the only way currently (14/07/2013) to remove it is to manually remove it from the file groupinfo.json and then restart MCMA.

Current group inheritance

Guest < Resident < Citizen < Watchmen < Moderators < Administrators

Groups with no inheritance are Thee_End (access to Thee_End) and Hells_Bells (access to use TnT)

Edit messages from Servers

The triggers are located in here:

vim /MinecraftInstallationFolder/Modern/js/McMyAdmin.js

But currently this is not possible: http://forums.phonicuk.com/default.aspx?g=posts&t=1885

Help command

In console:


Example config file


Licence Key Recovery


loglevel - How much log information should be displayed. Will show messages of the selected level or higher. Values:

  • -1 - Trivial (Almost entirely unimportant, not normally needed)
  • 0 - Debug Messages (Exception data is written to McMyAdmin-Errors.log)
  • 1 - Information Messages
  • 2 - Warnings (Recommended Level)
  • 3 - Cautions
  • 4 - Notices
  • 5 - Errors
  • 6 - Fatal Errors (McMyAdmin will shut down if encountered)

Permissions issue

One issue we have ran into is when running McMyAdmin and PermissionsEx at the same time is, if you add a user, group or permission via McMyAdmin, it writes the permissions.yml to PermissionsEx with the user but with no group in between the "" parts.

To avoid this, add users/groups/permissions via /pex in the server console or in-game. To reload do /pex reload instead of /reload


If you make a group that is a 'default' group (Like the Everyone group is by default) - MCMA transparently renames it to 'default' when using PermissionsBukkit as PB requires that it's called Default for people to be a member automatically.

World missing from Users and Groups > Worlds dropdown

Restart McMyAdmin after you have created the world. It will show up then.