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Allow teleport access to only one world

These don't work:


Having to provide multiverse.teleport.self.w currently.


Command Reference

Create new world

/mv create worldname TYPE

Hide world name in chat

In /plugins/Multiverse-Core/config.yml set prefixchat: 'false' to prefixchat: 'true'

Import backup of world

Delete the uid.dat file in the <worldname> folder before importing.

Rename default world

Set world alias and name

Set alias:

/mvm set alias newname oldname

Set world name

It is best to backup and remove the world, change the folder name and re-import it using /mv import foldername WORLDTYPE, then add it to plugins/Multiverse-Core/worlds.yml

Note: Set original world to be zworld. world is an older backup before zzd with several users homes pasted in.

Teleport player to another world

/mv tp them worldname

The End Portal doesn't work

Do /mvlist

You will need to load your worlds that link together (e.g. world and world_nether). You may need to do the following:

  • Add the permission multiverse.access.world_the_end to a player or their group
  • Ensure there are blocks one level below the End Portal.
/mvnp unlink end world
/mvnp unlink end world_the_end
/mvnp link end world world_the_end
/mvnp show end

If you get the following message when enter the Overworld portal from The End:

This portal leads nowhere!

/mvnp link end world_the_end world

To disable END portals in world do: