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Creating worlds:

End world (type = end)
Nether world (type = nether)

/mw create WorldName Type

Change world difficulty

Edit config.yml

Create a Large Biomes worlds

  • Create a new world with the normal generator
  • Do /mw save
  • Shutdown the server
  • Download NBTExplorer
  • Download the new world folder from your server
  • Open level.dat from the new world map folder with an nbt editor
  • Change level type from default to largebiomes
  • Remove the region directory from the world
  • Upload it to your server
  • Start the server


Creative world

/mw create NewWorldName Flatland
/mw setflag NewWorldName CreativeWorld True

Import world

If you have old worlds say from Multiverse, when the server is restarted Mulitworld will unload these worlds and not show up in /mw list. Therefore you need to backup your worlds and in game/console do:

/mw create OriginalWorldName

Where OriginalWorldName is the name of the world as it was/is and it will load it from now on and be viewable in /mw list

Ensure the permissions are correct!

.dat files go in data folder
.mca files go in region folder

List worlds


Set goto location for world

/mw setspawn

Teleport to another worlds

/goto WorldName