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Web Host Manager (WHM) and cPanel tie in together.

CTRL+F is the most useful command for finding what you need in the large array of features available in WHM, as most of what you need is down the left hand column menu.

Initial Setup

It is advised to:

- Let domains use the Domain Registrar's nameservers, not the servers

Change the WHM Theme

Themes menu

Change the IP Address a domain is assigned to

Account Functions > Change Site's IP Address > Change > New Address (dropdown menu) > Change

Changing hostname shows license message

Follow the guide provided by WHM/cPanel and then if that does not work, see below.

Log into SSH, type hostname WhatYouWantItToBe, it must be something.yourdomain.xxx and then type /usr/local/cpanel/cpkeyclt

Then load WHM/cPanel as you would normally, but don't forget to add an A entry for the new hostname.

Check memory usage, disk space, service status and server info

Apache/httpd status is in Server Status > Apache status | Apache configuration is in Service Configuration > Apache Configuration Memory Usage, Disk Space and Server Info is in Server Status > Server Information Service Status is in Server Status > Service Status

Create an Account for cPanel

Go to Account Functions > Create a New Account . Once created, go to Account Information > List Accounts to log into the account using the cPanel logo.

DNS Management

DNS Functions menu > Edit DNS Zone > Click your domain > Edit

To allow this level of management in cPanel go to Packages > Feature Manager > Edit a Feature List (default) Edit > Tick "Advanced DNS Zone Editor"

Nameserver management

Under construction

Networking Setup: Nameserver IPs - Wait 5 seconds > click one of the nameservers you assigned to your domain under No. Zones column > click your domain - Edit. To use your own domain as the nameserver set the following records:

Domain: yourdomain.co.uk.
Record Type: NS
Value: ns1.yourdomain.co.uk.

Domain: yourdomain.co.uk.
Record Type: NS
Value: ns2.yourdomain.co.uk.

Domain: ns1.yourdomain.co.uk.
Record Type: A
Value: VPS IP address

Domain: ns2.yourdomain.co.uk.
Record Type: A
Value: VPS IP address

If you create a domain with the wrong nameservers, and then you change them but they still appear in Networking Setup - Nameservers IP go into SSH and run /usr/local/cpanel/scripts/updatenameserverips

You can set the SOA Expire/Expiry in:

  • Networking Setup - Nameservers IP
  • Click the number under No. Zones
  • Click your domain - Edit
  • Edit the fifth box/value down. It may be something such as 604800 or 3600000.

[ipcheck] Problem with DNS setup on hostname

Go to the Add an A entry for your hostname option under DNS Functions in WHM.

Also ensure the SMTP banner is set to a FQDN.

Manage Shell (SSH) access

Account Functions > Manage Shell Access

MySQL access via CLI

vim /root/.my.cnf
mysql -uroot

PHP Support

E.g for Apache/CGI/Fast CGI changes

Reboot server

System Reboot menu

Remove and account

Account Functions > Terminate an Account

Remove cphulk entry via db in SSH

mysql -uroot -p
use cphulkd
show tables;
select * from brutes;
select * from blacklist;