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Log into Remote Desktop

On a Windows PC go to:

  • Start > enter in "search programs and files" mstsc , or
  • Start > enter in "search programs and files" run > click Run > mstsc > enter
  • Start > All Programs > Accessories > Remote Desktop Connection

Enter the IP address of the server e.g., click Connect, click Use another account

In User name put \Administrator
In Password put the default one in your hosting providers welcome email for your server.

Alternate: mstsc /v:IPaddress

Plesk is offline

  • Ensure port 8443 is allowed through Windows Firewall
  • In IIS Manager ensure the sites ISS_Default, PleskControlPanel and sqladmin are running and in Manage Web Site > Advanced Settings > set to True on Start Automatically.
  • If you get an error saying the World Wide Web Publishing Service is not running, go to Services.msc, scroll to the bottom, set to Automatic and Start it.
  • Restart IIS or the Sites in IIS.

Configure a Static IP Address manually

Server error in / application

Method 1) Log into Remote Desktop, go to Start - Search > iis > IIS Manager > Sites > Right click website > Manage Website ? Restart
Method 2) Log into Remote Desktop, go to Start - Search > cmd > iisreset /restart

Joomla permissions

An operation on a socket...

An operation on a socket could not be performed because the system lacked sufficient buffer space or because a queue was full.

ASP .NET4 Framework

You can install this manually via Remote Desktop by going to Microsoft's website here, downloading it and then installing it. Then within Plesk go to:

Server Management > Tools & Settings > Server Management > Server Components > click Refresh and it will then appear when you go into:

Hosting Services > Domains> Control Panel > Websites and Domains > Click your domain name > ASP version . You should see ASP 2 and 4, if not it is likely the wrong version or it has not installed properly.

Change Script Time-out

This is normally for logins.

IIS > > Behaviour > Limits Properties > Script Time-out

Check ASP version

Classic ASP errors

  • Go into the site within IIS > Hostname > Sites > > ASP > Debugging Properties > Send Errors To Browser
  • IIS > the site > Error pages > right click the page - Edit Feature Settings > Detailed Error Pages

Backup the Registry

Start > "Search programs..."


Start > Run


Click/highlight Computer > File > Export

Cannot remove Database and it's user

If you get an error saying login failed for the sa user ensure the sa password is set correctly. This can be done in SQL Server Management Studio under Security > Logins > right click the user > properties > set Password and within Plesk

Then if you get the error that the user owns more than one database, you need to go into SQL Server Management Studio, remove the failing database manually, recreate it with the same name but assign the Owner as the sa user. This is because the sa user can own infinite databases, whereas a normal Plesk database user can only own databases in it's own domain/account.

Connect to MSSQL for Plesk

Open Command Prompt.

osql -U sa


osql -E -d psa

Create MSSQL Database

Either use this (or version 2010) or log into RDP, go to SQL Management Studio, log in as localhost (only if it has no control panel) and create new database or import.

Show process list

SELECT * FROM master..sysprocesses;

Denied access for CMS

You may need to give the Network Services user modify privileges.

Download SQL Server Management Studio

MSSQL does come installed into Windows by default but it does not come with SQL Server Management Studio by default. You can install this yourself via Remote Desktop and on your home PC by downloading it from Microsoft here:

Enable 32-bit Application Pool in IIS 7

Entering MySQL

Go into the MySQL Directory and then mysql -uroot -p

iisnode the service is unavailable 503 error

Mail Accounts for Plesk using Mail Enable

C:\Program Files (x86)\Parallels\Plesk\Mail Servers\Mail Enable\Postoffices\\MAILROOT

Move/Recover Offscreen Window

Hold SHIFT and right click on the program in your task bar to bring up the menu.

Click on Move.

Move your mouse around the screen and you should have hold on the window in question.


"Outbox cannot be saved to sent messages, server permission is not granted."

This indicates the account and it's IMAP settings are not correctly configured. There is no server setting to change.



Uncomment the relevant extension line within C:\Program Files (x86)\Parallels\Plesk\Additional\PleskPHP5\php.ini to enable mcrypt, this should be similar to extension=php_mcrypt.dll

Maximum execution time

Set PHP to run as an IASPI extension rather than Fast-CGI if it is a CGI timeout.

Remote Desktop Full Screen or non-full screen


Set/stop RDP Session timeout

  • Start
  • Administrative Tools> Terminal Services Configuration
  • right click RDP-Tcp > properties
  • Sessions tab
  • Set the "End a disconnected session" to "Never" and "When session limit is reached or connection is broken" set to "Disconnect from session".

Using the URL Rewrite module

Remove IIS 6


Event Viewer in run: eventvwr.msc

Add User/Check groups in Windows 2003. Start > Run > lusrmgr.msc

If webadmin does not direct anywhere add an A record as mssql A ServerIPAddress and ensure this is enabled.

The other accounts on the server, such as IME_USER, IME_ADMIN, Plesk Administrator; these are necessary for the running of the Plesk Control Panel.

Add read permissions for IIS_USERS to C:\inetpub\vhosts\\httpdocs or C:\inetpub\vhosts\Servers\6\localuser\domainfolder\httpdocs since these are linked folders it is the same.

If a w3p process locks the home folder so it does not delete/allow you to place new files in,, use a program called Unlocker which kills it. Stopping all the w3p processes would shut down all sites for a few moments. Unlocker finds the correct process and allows you to kill it so it doesn't affect anything else.

You can get it from CNET. The current version is around 1.9.1

Remove annoying big spaces in Word: "Go to File > Options > Advanced and scroll to the bottom of the dialog and expand the Layout Options item and then check the box for "Don't expand character spaces on a line that ends with SHIFT-RETURN"."