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MSSQL location

C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft SQL Server

Sharepoint/Active Directory

This needs Windows Standard. Windows Web does not support the Active Directory role.

Creating Sites on Windows 2008 Web

Step 1) Creating the user

Keep this window open as it will be needed again: Start > Settings > Control Panel > Administrative Tools

Select Computer Management and then from the new window select Local Users and Groups > Users - Right click > New User

Username: Domain name
Full Name:
Description: Domain name

Password: AsecurePassword
Confirm Password: AsecurePassword again
Untick "User must change password at next login"
Tick "User cannot change password and Password never expires"

Click Create and then close the New User Window.

Double click on the user within the list and select the Member Of tab
Remove the group 'Users' and then add 'IIS_IUSRS'

Select the Profile tab
Under the Home folder section set the Local Path to C:\inetpub\DomainName

Click Apply, OK and close the Users Properties and Computer Management window.

The user is now able to use IIS applications etc.

Step 2) Setup FTP Access

From the Administrative Tools window open Internet Information Services (IIS) 6.0 Manager

From the left hand menu expand FTP Sites and then right click on Default FTP site and select Properties
User the Security Accounts Tab untick Allow anonymouse Connections (This is for security) and then ok the warning message, click apply and ok.

Then right click on Default FTP site and select New > Virtual Directory
On the first screen click Next.
On the next screen the Alias should be the DomainName, enter it and click Next
On the next screen the Path should be set to C:\inetpub\(domain name) Either type it in or browse to the directory. Once set, click Next
On the next screen make sure both Read and Write are ticked once set, click Next
Click finish to complete the FTP setup and you can close the Internet Information Services (IIS) 6.0 Manager window.

Step 3) Setup VHost

From the Administrative Tools window open Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager

From the left hand menu expand the server (AA-XXXXX (AA-XXXXX\Administrator)
Then expand Sites. (On a new server all you should have are Default FTP Site and Default Website)
Right click on Sites and select Add Web Site.

Set the following options:

Site name: Domain Name
Content Directory: C:\inetpub\DomainName\www (browse to C:\inetpub\(domain name) and then use the create folder option to make www)

Click Connect as..
Select the option for Specific user and the click set (These are the details used when you created the user)
Username: Domain Name
Password: AsecurePassword2
Confirm Password: AsecurePassword2

Click OK on the window and the next one to go back to the Add Web Site window

Under Binding set the hostname to www.DomainName and then click OK. You should now have a working website.

If you are feeling nice you can then double click on the new site in the sites list, then select logging from the main window and change the sites logging directory to C:\inetpub\(domain name)\logs (this keeps things neat and allows you easier access to the logs)

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